“We” and “us” is really just “I” at the moment.

When/if we (I) grow we (remember: “I”) just don’t want to have to bother fixing it all up.

Goals And Intentions

We formed this independent game studio with the following goals in mind:

  1. Make interesting stuff
  2. Be honest
  3. Be fair
  4. Enjoy our work
  5. Enjoy working together
  6. Good work-life balance
  7. Contribute positively to the Game development community
  8. Explore our own ideas in:
    • Game design
    • Software Engineering
    • Work culture
  9. Put what we believe achieves the best “result” over what makes us “feel good”.

As game designers, it is our craft to engineer experiences in the form of games.

We want to use that same expertise to engineer our own ideal work experience as well.

That’s basically it.

To that end we have chosen the some values that are to be woven into everything we do, but we don’t want to shove that in anyone’s face.

Those that are interested though may find our long form insane rambling on the subject here. It really is verbose, but its what we constantly reflect on to keep on us on track to our goals and keep us honest to ourselves.