Celeste Initial Impressions

TL;DR - It looks pretty good so far, play it!
Dom De Re
3 mins
celeste, matt thorson, initial impressions, indie games

Celeste became available on the Nintendo Switch last night and I swooped in on my copy!

I want to both:

  1. Finish this game, and
  2. Get around to writing up what I learnt from it.

However in both cases, it is highly likely that I will either:

  1. Never get around to it, or
  2. Get around to it at a much later date.

I really hope that I don’t let 1. happen in either case, as my first play session with it left me feeling that it is:

  1. A really fun game, and
  2. There is so much to learn from it in terms of creating a deep rewarding gameplay experience with a simple gameplay mechanic supported by brilliant level design.

In any case, just in case either of those two scenarios eventuates, I want to take a brief note of my initial impression from the first play session. That way if I take longer than I expect to do a full write up, I have some notes of what I thought initially so I can remark on how my opinion changed or how it delivered on this initial promise. If I never get around to finishing it or doing a write up, then at least I wrote something on it.

Initial Impressions

Just some dot points: