I am Still Here

My goal to blog more
Dom De Re
2 mins

Yeah, I am still here


I haven’t really posted as much here as I have wanted to.

Reflecting upon it, I feel it ultimately boils down to the fact that this is currently a part time enterprise.

Progress is slow.

Like really slow.

So quantity wise I don’t really perceive much has happened to talk about.

Naturally on top of that there is then the question of “what little there is that has happened, how much of it is post worthy”.

Looking back on my notes, it seems my answer to that question is consistently “not much”.

Turning it Around

However I do really want to get in the habit of posting here more frequently, for engagement, but also for practical purposes.

I feel in my “old” age if I don’t write down my strongly held opinions I end up forgetting them!

It also helps with the really strong sense of isolation you go through as an indie developer.

So I suppose I intend to combat the “quantity” problem by increasing the scope of the subject matter.

For the last few months, Irreverent Pixel Feats has been engaged in providing consulting services for “end-to-end tech business”. What I mean is we has provided consulting services that treat tech business as an “end to end” undertaking with the stakeholders and customers at one end and actual individuals as employees at the other end, with a slightly more specific focus on the employees tasked with actually making the whims of the stakeholders and customers a reality. You could paraphrase it as “concept” at one end and “reality” at the other. However that wording has lost its meaning these days as it does seem to ignore the actual humans involved and is more concerned with really high level strategy. In effect this ignores a major component of the “reality” end.

Basically we provide consulting on:

And we look at it all through the lens of Philosophy, Mathematics, Psychology, etc…

So thats what I mean, its pretty broad. But so far the benefit of the effort has been that all these things become consistent, self-reinforcing, with a more even distribution of satisfied interests after the high level picture has been proposed by one person.

I don’t really want to go into the specifics of what that entails or any examples.

However, in the interest of increasing the “quantity” of material I am considering for posts, I want to enlarge the scope of the blog to include said specifics and examples.

But IPF, especially with the addition of this consultancy side venture have provided me with a massive learning experience with the freedom to try new ideas, and to try them at scale.

In the future, this venture may get separated entirely from IPF into a separate entity, at which point I’ll move the related content over to the relevent place.

But the most important thing for me right now is to just start writing stuff.

As for the quality concern, looking back on my notes in retrospect I feel this is more based on fear on my part.

So I guess I’ll just try and be more conscious of “taking the leap”.