AdventureX 2017

AdventureX 2017 starts today!
Dom De Re
4 min
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AdventureX 2017 starts today (and finishes tomorrow, November 12)!

We’re very proud to be among the sponsors for AdventureX 2017!

AdventureX is an expo dedicated entirely to narrative driven games, there are:

It’s been going since 2011 (I think).

They manage to attract well accomplished talent to speak about their craft, this year they have got:

(This year) They livestream the talks.

And they do all this without charging for entry.

So again, we’re very proud to be among the sponsors for this event.

It is one of our aspirations to count ourselves as part of the supportive community that AdventureX nurtures and makes so accessible to the masses.

Until we actually have a title or two in the can, however, we’ll have to make do with throwing over some money.

A big thanks goes out to the organisers of this event, and congratulations to all the exhibitors.

Some of our Favourite Talks from 2016

Theres a more complete YouTube playlist here