Irreverent Pixel Feats
Based in Sydney Australia

Release date:
Tentatively Late 2020
However, we are already experiencing delays due to the 2020 COVID-19 situation, so we expect the release to be quite delayed.

(When it’s done ultimately)

At the moment we intend to release on:

  • Steam (PC/Mac)


The Indomitable Ribbon

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A Transhumanist Sci-fi Adventure Short inspired the by the darker side of the Saturday Morning Cartoon spectrum.

Ruby is a 3rd generation escape artist and contortionist. Once considered the top act in the world, her body has been slowly giving up on her.

That is until someone from her past made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

Now, if only she weren’t addicted to a miracle cure and forced to commit burglary to get more, she might be able to enjoy her revitalised career!


Dom grew up during the 90s in front of a TV and a monitor, playing point and click adventures and watching Saturday morning cartoons in his plastic mask and cape. Something happened in 1998 (or thereabouts) and a small hole formed when the content either disappeared or had changed just enough to not quite be the same, something was missing.

30 years later and that hole has grown into a chasm, and he longs to make something born out of those two passions. He now also has two children and doesn’t have time to play long games. He hopes to contribute to the selection of short-form games that he can play and share with his children.


  • Retro but Modern
    • Retaining the 1990s chunky pixel aesthetic, we’ll be incorporating modern developments in computer graphics to arrive a Retro/Modern fusion, without going “hi-res”.
  • Fully Voiced
  • Short-form game, about 2.5hrs of manageable game content, play it in one or two sittings!
  • Modern Puzzle Design
    • No deaths
    • No dead-ends
  • Challenging but Logical Puzzles
    • Get that Moon Logic out of here!


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

About Irreverent Pixel Feats

Irreverent Pixel Feats is a relatively newly formed indie dev studio based in Sydney, Australia.

Right now it is committed to attaining a mastery of the art of narrative driven 2D point and click adventures.

For more information, see here


Dom De Re
Designer, Programmer, Writer, Artist


Based on presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks