Fate of Atlantis Background Analysis 1

Indys Office
Dom De Re
5 mins

We’re entering the scene design phase of production for our current project, and its a good time to look to the work of others to see what style elements we can pick up!

This is in a similar vein to Ben Chandler’s analysis of several Full Throttle backgrounds

This is going to be the beginning of a series focussing on background art from LucasArt’s Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Micro Blogpost

We have an RSS Feed
Dom De Re
1 min

We have an RSS feed now.

Its a little old fashioned compared to Twitter, and even Atom Feeds, but whatever, its just what I use.

That is all.

I am Still Here

My goal to blog more
Dom De Re
2 mins

Yeah, I am still here

The Land of No

Our first post!
Dom De Re
1 min

We have arrived to take our stab at leading a creative life in the land of no!

The blog isn’t much to look at now, but its a work in progress, and we just wanted to get something up.

You can take a look at our philosophy to get the long spiel of what we are about.

The TL;DR is that we want to:

  • Create narrative driven games the way we want to
  • Apply Functional Programming to game development
  • Learn from the rest of the game development community
  • Give back to the game community